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 The mission of Anoka County is to serve citizens in a respectful,
 innovative, and fiscally responsible manner.


Anoka County, the fourth most populous county in Minnesota, is part of the Twin Cities Metropolitan region. Click image to view county map.

It's here - the new

If you are connected to this website through the web address, please go to
The address will soon automatically go to the new site.

The new
Welcome to the Anoka County website.  Very soon, it is going to have a whole new look.
We’re excited to bring you a website that’s designed to help you interact with us at your convenience, whether it be looking up information, subscribing to updates, making an appointment, or paying your property taxes.
We designed the site with two things in mind: most people use a mobile device to access the Internet these days, and second, our tendency to “google” something using a search box  instead of navigating through the site menus.
Our new online campus is designed to be mobile friendly, and features a big search box front and center.  And when we make the switch in the next few days, it will be just the start of improving our online service to you.   We’ll look forward to your feedback and ideas for improvement.  Write us at