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You can recycle more!!!

New recycling opportunities starting this year!  Many haulers are now collecting additional materials.  Most haulers are now collecting #1-#7 plastics.  Many of you have asked to recycle yogurt cups and berry boxes; our recycling service industry now has markets for these items.  Most haulers have also started collecting milk cartons for recycling too.  Refer to our Recycling Guide to give you an idea of the new materials accepted in curbside recycling programs. Check with your hauler to get the list of materials that they are currently accepting!


Rethink Recycling
It matters more than you think.

Recycling one aluminum can save the energy equivalent of 6 ounces of gasoline.

Recycling one plastic bottle saves enough energy to light a 60-watt bulb for 6 hours.


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Our recycling and disposal directory has basic information about how and where to take items.  The following items have more detailed information:



Don't throw that out. Reusing household items.

Give the things around your home a second life. We have a few ideas to get you thinking. Plus, they're great projects for kids!


Recycling: Then and Now

Learn how recycling has changed over the years, how recyclables are sorted and what items/products are made using recycled materials.


Pigs Aren't Picky

Leftover school lunches become a feast fit for a pig! See how this unique partnership between schools and farmers is saving our resources one tray at a time.


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Good habits can prevent water pollution. Learn more.


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